• Merit Shampoo

    Japanese dandruff shampoo Merit

    Launch Date: 2010.2.26
    Packaging: 220ml Regular/530ml Pump Bottle/380ml Refill Pouch
    Brand: Merit
    Producer: Kao
    Product Type: Shampoo
    Price: Open Price ~ Generally retail for ¥368 (Regular)/¥668 (Pump)/¥399 (Refill)

    Product Description

    *This product is …

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    Worst Pick: Curél UV Milk

    My last Worst Pick entry dated back eight months ago. Why has Curél UV Milk “earned” a spot in my Worst Pick? When something seems to good to be true, it probably is!

    Curél UV …

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    Best: Biore Body Deli Gel

    Biore Body Deli gel

    This was love at first use when I first tried a sample of it in early 2009 when it debuted. It provides decent UV protection (SPF25/PA+++) while providing moisture to my skin. The gel doesn’t …

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    Curél Medicated Lotion

    Curel Medicated Lotion

    *This product is a quasi-drug in Japan.

    Launch Date: 2008

    Price: Open Price ~ Publisher’s Listed Price 110 ml/¥756, 220 ml/ ¥1,365

    Active(s): Allantoin

    Kaos’ Curél Medicated Lotion (also known as Curél Moisture Milk) …

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