• Product Discovery Friday: Baby Foot Easy Pack

    Today’s Product Discovery Friday concerns the much talked-about Baby Foot Easy Pack by Liberta Beauty. It’s a fruit acid-based gel-lotion foot pack — or in plain English, chemical peel for your feet — for baby-soft feet. Its website is full of testimonies with close-up photos of super peel-y feet — like snake molting. I find myself completely grossed out yet so intrigued that I keep staring at them.

    There is actually 2 versions of this product — domestic Japanese (box is printed entirely in Japanese with no English) and export version (bilingual or English-only with English ingredient list printed). They have slightly different ingredients.  I received the domestic version.

    [Open box.]

    It comes with 2 loose-fitting plastic socks with the gel-lotion inside. Pretty goof-proof. You stick your foot in each plastic sock and secure it with the tape provided. Soak for 2 hours before removing and wash feet with soap. Done. The dead skin is supposed to naturally begin to peel off in 2 days to 3 weeks, slowly revealing super soft and smooth skin.

    [Put the socks on.]

    Other than feeling somewhat odd soaking my feet in a liquid-y gel solution in sock-shaped plastic bag, nothing particularly interesting.

    Although they feel secure on, it’s quite difficult to walk without the gel leaking. It can be quite dangerous too since the plastic is slippery. You’re pretty much looking at spending 2 hours sitting so plan accordingly! Now it’s the time to put on a good movie or catch up on your favourite shows.

    There is no difference after 2 hours.

    [Wait a day.]


    [Wait another day.]

    Still nothing. My feet aren’t rough to begin with so it’s not like there’s a thick layer of crap getting in the way.

    [Day 4.]

    Eeeeeeeek! My feet aren’t molting but they are starting to peel! It actually a bit disturbing seeing bits of dead skin loosening everywhere, especially around the heels. It’s quite tempting to rub and peel the skin off but I heeded the instruction’s warnings.

    [Day 6.]

    My feet are relatively  smooth to begin with so I’m quite surprised at the amount of dead skin the Baby Foot Easy Pack is removing. I really notice a difference a difference after a long shower. The skin is softer so feet peel even more!

    [Day 8.]

    No more peeling. As disgusted and disturbed as I am about the peeling —  most likely so are you after reading my account — I’m quite glad all the dead skin is off! It’s able to get into all the grooves and curves of your feet that even a professional pedicure couldn’t reach. Careful planning before using is in order if you don’t want to show up at a pool party with skin peeling off your feet.

    Does it really gives you feet soft and smooth like a baby’s like it claims? Maybe. I don’t remember the last time I felt a baby’s foot but my feet do feel super soft and smooth with no roughness or callus in sight. They really should pass a law that requires everyone to use Baby Foot Easy Pack before wearing sandals or flip-flops in public.  Consider it a public service!

    Single use box retails for 1,680 Japanese Yen at variety shops, drugstores, and supermarkets across Japan.

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