• HOUSE of ROSE Classic Pooh Body Smoother (Honey Marmalade)

    Launch Date: 2011.9.3 LIMITED EDITION

    Price: ¥1,575 (Tax Included)

    Packaging: 350g Jar

    House of Rose’s Classic Pooh Body Smoother (Honey Marmalade) is a Japanese drugstore body scrub featuring Winnie the Pooh design with a time limited scent.

    It features hot spring water sourced from the famous Yufuin Onsen with natural skin-softening ability. Additionally, it contains royal jelly and silk powder to moisturize skin. It gently scrubs away dead skin cells while moisturizing skin for a smoother, softer body. It has a rich aroma of honey and citrus malamade.

    Ingredient List: PEG-6,, PEG-32,, sodium sulfate,, sodium bicarbonate,, sodium carbonate,, honey,, royal jelly extract,, bitter orange peel extract,, orange oil,, onsen-sui (JTN) *Japanese hot spring water*,, silk powder,, glycerin,, butylene glycol,, fragrance,, water.

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